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Connecting the Cosmic Dots

When I did my Branding with Archetypes assessment with Schelli Whitehouse, , I found out that my primary archetype is Alchemist! What a validation since I already had named my business Equine Alchemy.

Including Branding with Archetypes with Schelli was a powerful step in my journey to Attract the Perfect Clients. I always have a business strategy; after all I have been a business consultant and coach for 15 years! However, I didn't always include the 'energetic' aspects in the strategic planning and visioning of my business. I am experiencing a deep learning about how completely necessary it is to include this aspect in aligning with my perfect clients and growing the business I always wanted.

Through this process I also discovered that my unique brilliance is 'Connecting the Cosmic Dots'. So, that is the theme of this blog. I want to connect the dots of:

These calls are to help you align with your perfect clients and grow the business of your dreams! They are also a preview into the upcoming program where we will go into depth around each one of the topics. In fact, Schelli and I designed these calls based upon the program curriculum. Let's take a closer look.

Call #1 Speak with clarity and confidence about the transformation you provide for others. Simple must-haves for your business to create and sustain six-figures and beyond! This call was about creating clarity around what you are doing and six concrete steps to make that a reality. If you aren't clear about what you are doing, it will be impossible to speak about it and invite people to join you. The secrets were both concrete actions as well as 'ways of being' to manifest abundance. All of this is in service of attracting your perfect client. The universe is more than willing to cooperate in your abundance. But first, you need to be clear!

Call #2 How to re-purpose your existing service and products to provide more value to your clients and put more money in your pocket! Ok, so now you have some insight into clarity of what you are doing, how to speak about it and how to create a way to manifest that, right? Next, we took a look at how your current business could expand without reinventing the wheel. We spoke about how a different perspective can create different products and services. We also spoke about how a signature system, or a way of identifying, organizing and marketing these new products and services can be an invaluable tool in 're-purposing' your existing business. We also heard from someone who wants different clients and how focusing on your unique brilliance and what you want will more than likely manifest that different client. Both the system and perspective are critical aspects to Attracting YOUR Perfect Clients.

Are you getting it? There are two main parts here:

  • How you see yourself and your services
  • How you offer that to the world

That is what Attracting the Perfect Clients is all about.

Call #3, How Branding with Archetypes™ will distinguish you above all others in your area of expertise. Your unique brilliance gives voice to your brand that only your perfect client can hear! is a continuation of how you see yourself and services and includes how you can offer that to the world! In preparation for this call, you get a free assessment! Go to now so you will gain this powerful insight!

Each of these preview calls gives you the opportunity to strengthen yourself and your services as a way to expand your business through attracting the perfect clients for YOU. Our program, Attracting the Perfect Client through the Way of the Horse which begins in February, goes deeper into that journey of transformation with the horses so that you can discover and embody your authentic self and power and translate that into your product and services! A powerful combination to Attract YOUR Perfect Clients!

The F.R.E.E. Ride contest is a cosmic dot for your business as well. Filling out the application for this program requires deep reflection into yourself and your business; a critical first step to building the business you have always wanted!

Hopefully this has connected some dots for you! These calls are a mini-course in self discovery and business building; however it is just a sample of what is possible. We look forward to hearing you on our next call.

With ease and grace,


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